Women's Health | Medical Centre Cork | Female contraception

Below are some of the services unique to women’s health that we provide:


We can provide information and counselling for all contraceptive options, including:

  • Oral contraception (“the pill”)
  • Transdermal contraception (“the patch”)
  • Depot contraception (injection)
  • Implanon insertion and/or removal (“the bar”)
  • Mirena/Jaydess/Kyleena insertion and/or removal (“the coil”)
  • Copper coil removal
  • Emergency oral contraception (“the morning after pill”)

Useful link: Think Contraception Website

Sexual Health / STI Screening

We provide testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections including Chlamydia, Gonorrohoea, Trichomonas, HIV, Hepatitis B&C, and Syphilis.

We also provide advice on sexual health including safe sexual practices, contraception, treatment/referral for positive tests, advice on contact tracing.

Useful link: http: HSE Website (Your Sexual Health)


We provide pre-conceptual advice and support and investigation if needed:

  • Fertility blood tests
  • Referral for semen analysis/ fertility treatment
  • Ongoing support and blood tests if undergoing fertility treatment

Cervical Cancer Screening

A cervical smear is a test for cancerous/pre-cancerous cells in the cervix and is available for free to all women between the ages of 25-60. You can register at www.cervicalcheck.ie or by phoning 1800 45 45 55.

The test can be carried out by a GP or practice nurse, and here at Patrick Street Medical Centre we are all registered and experienced smeartakers; once registered with Cervical Check you can make an appointment; please bring your Cervical Check letter or your PPS number.

If you are outside this age group, or your smear is not yet due, and you have a concern, we strongly advise that you see a GP.

Useful link: Cervical Check Website

Antenatal/Postnatal Care

We would be delighted to support you through your pregnancy and beyond. All pregnant women resident in Ireland, whether you have a medical card or not, are entitled to free antenatal and postnatal (2 week and 6 week checks) care through the Maternity and Infant Scheme.

All you have to do is arrange an appointment if you think or know that you are pregnant and we will arrange this for you. We will also give plenty of advice, carry out routine antenatal blood tests, and refer you to the antenatal clinic for ongoing shared care between ourselves and the hospital/obstetrician.

Useful link: HSE Website (Combined Care)

Useful link: First 1000 Days Website

Useful link: Bump to Birth to Baby

Useful link: HSE Website (Pregnancy Care)


While a normal part of life for women, we understand that it can be a difficult transition for many; we can offer advice and support, including blood tests if needed, contraception, advice about treatments including HRT, cardiovascular screening, breast examination/referral for mammography, osteoporosis screening, cervical screening etc.

Please be aware that all women aged 50-69 are entitled to a free mammogram every 2 years through BreastCheck, the national breast cancer screening programme. You can register at www.breastcheck.ie or by phoning 1850 45 45 99.

If you are outside this age range, or your mammogram is not due, and you have a concern, we strongly advise you to see a GP.

Useful link: Breast Check Website

Useful link: HSE Website (HRT)