We finally have clear information as to how the vaccination programme for the over 70’s is to proceed. As some of you may have heard on the news, if a GP practice has less than 200 patients, then they will be unable to give the vaccines to the over 70’s on their premises and instead their patients will go to a GP led vaccination clinic.

Our practice does not have the required 200 over 70 patients so we will be contacting each of you to advise you when you will be coming in for your vaccines and where you are to go. In the coming week I will be contacting those patients over 85 and advising them of what they have to do. I will call on your mobile number so make sure you have it with you. Once that cohort is done, I will be calling the over 80’s, then over 75’s and finally the over 70’s. This will be spread out from now until early April. Do not worry, everyone will be contacted. We will be staffing the GP led clinics, which will be held on weekends, but so will a lot of other GP’s and nurses so we may not necessarily see you on the day.

We very much look forward to getting it started. All other groups will be catered for once the over 70’s have been vaccinated. I will update this site as we know more.