Covid Vaccine Update

The HSE has decided that people over 60 will be getting the Astra Zeneca Vaccine only. There is a self booking portal open from today for those over 69 and I have posted all the details below. If you are aged between 65 and 69 we advise you to register yourself for the vaccine as we will be unable to vaccinate you in the surgery in the forseeable future. It is planned that the age group 60 to 65 will be able to self register once the over 65 population has been vaccinated.

We are still unsure as to how the rollout will be managed for Cohort 4 and 7 (very high risk and high risk patients aged between 18 and 59). This is being finalised as we speak and I will update the website as soon as I have further information.

How to register – over 65’s on the HSE website

People aged 69 can register for their vaccine from Thursday, 15 April.

The HSE is asking people to register on specific days. This will help manage demand on the system, and make it easier for everyone to register.

They will be assigning appointments by age so it doesn’t matter how quickly you register. You won’t get your vaccine any sooner if you register earlier.

If you are aged:

69 – register on Thursday 15 April, or anytime after
68 – register on Friday 16 April, or anytime after
67 – register on Saturday 17 April, or anytime after
66 – register on Sunday 18 April, or anytime after
65 – register on Monday 19 April, or anytime after
Everyone in this group will get the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Register online to get a COVID-19 vaccine

If you cannot register online, you can call the COVID-19 helpline to register by phone. Open 8am-8pm 1850241850

Have your registration details, PPS number, mobile phone number and email address (use a friend or family members email if you do not have one) prepared before you call so you are ready to register when your call is answered.